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Our Progress to Date

From 2017 we've been growing into a truly free and easily accessible information platform on Africa's listed companies. No registration, no paywalls, just core capital markets information, delivered simply and effectively through multiple digital channels including The Investor Mailing List. Before we describe the next stage, here is a summary of what we've achieved to date:-

12 of 33

African stock markets covered so far. Our mission is to cover all 33 stock exchanges.


Listed companies covered out of 1,455. Our mission is to cover every listed company in Africa.


Email lists. Our mission is to offer +56 email alerts to tell Africa's investment story.

+27 thousand

Annual and sustainability reports published on AfricanFinancials.

+460 thousand

Unique visitors per annum on AfricanFinancials.

+ 1.4 million

Emails from the Investor Mailing List sent per annum.

+1.8 million

Page views on AfricanFinancials per annum

+3.5 million

Views of IR content per annum

Listed companies

Telling their story to

Public Sustainability Reporting

CMU [Africa] will unite millions of stakeholders under a single movement to amplify Africa’s investment opportunities through our listed companies' public sustainability reporting. By providing a genuinely free and open platform for listed companies to share their stories, we will rapidly expand our audience beyond 500,000 engaged community members. Through collaborative engagement, we will determine material insights and create sustainable investing communities across Africa’s stock markets. Our grassroots movement will efficiently channel our beloved continent’s collective investing power to fund efficient capital creation, trading and future growth. We will focus on the needs of retail investors: they transformed US markets in the 50s - 70s and are transforming markets in the present day. Now its Africa's turn to empower them.

Our Sustainable Capital Markets Development Goals

Investor & Stakeholder Quality Education

We will use AfricanFinancials to advance responsible investor and shareholder education initiatives at every opportunity.

Digital Innovation and Infrastructure

We will build resilient digital infrastructure, fostering innovation to facilitate efficient African capital markets.

Reduced Inequalities in Information Access

We seek to Level the playing field, by providing equal access to investment information regardless of location or economic background.

Strong Market Institutions

We will promote effective, accountable, and transparent capital markets regulators and institutions.

Partnerships for the Goals

We will galvanise partnerships between facilitating efficient capital creation through a single access point for the public sustainability reporting of Africa's listed companies.

SHOWCASE executive leadership in communicating sustainability

ACCELERATE the ASAP as a public IR, sustainability news distribution network for listed companies

EMPOWER advocates of telling Africa’s investment story with information and data to share easily

EXPAND the data and information sets of the companies already covered on ASAP

ADD the additional listed companies to the ASAP

INCLUDE sector email alerts on The Investor Mailing List

USE AI to transform the depth of analysis, content and investment insight

INTRODUCE the ASAP App to deliver prices, documents and news directly to stakeholders

PROFILE all African stock exchanges’ information (documents & news)

ENGAGE and receive feedback on topical issues in African capital markets from all stakeholders

EMPOWER capital markets service providers to display African capital markets data

COLLABORATE with partners to aggregate key capital markets data to then issue the annual State of African Capital Markets Report

REACH OUT to African stock exchange regulators and similar agencies to identify common Partnerships for the Goals

Why Now?

"Africa's retail investors will power capital markets growth just as US retail investors did in the 50's - 70's" - Rob Stangroom

Africa accounts for about 40 percent of global reserves of natural resources such as gold, diamonds, gas and oil – and these traditional resources continue to attract investors. Furthermore, African countries increasingly seek to demonstrate that they can achieve sustainable and inclusive growth by diversifying their economies, boosting productivity and adopting policies that aid the poor. Borrowing is already far too high across African markets and over USD100bn is needed for capital investment annually. Long term equity capital is fundamental to financing Africa and it can't all come from foreign sources. Africa is already an attractive destination for investors due to its vast natural resources and growth potential. Many organisations advocating Africa’s investment story, such as the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the African Stock Exchanges Association, the African Union, IOSCO, and the The World Federation of Exchanges, struggle to display timely, accurate, and complete consolidated equity market information. The CMU [Africa] seeks to help these and other global organisations to get Africa's sustainability and investment "out there" and in compliance with GRI's Reporting Principles.

By 2055, the continent’s youth population is expected to be more than double the 2015 total of 226 million. This demographic potential presents an immense opportunity for change and will be a critical audience with which to communicate and receive feedback.

The CMU [Africa] is here to effectively communicate Africa’s investment story through the IR and sustainability reporting of Africa’s listed companies.

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